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Not only am I physically moving because I'm graduating, my shop is moving in terms of direction, and so is the blog! No more Lion Kingdom, I have now officially moved to

Style blogging is by no means egocentric, but I just feel like I want to take the focus off of me, and onto you. I want to introduce you to new artists, new designers, new trends. I want to build a community with you. LIONESS is not about me, it's about serving you in any way I can which is what I hope this blog does. So if I'm in your bookmarks or blogrolls please switch 'em on over to this:


Seeking guest bloggers

Have you written a super cool tutorial with high quality step by step photos? A well written reflective piece? A silly post you just want to share?

Submit them to me for a new project I'm putting together! Send the links to and I'll elaborate further.

Cute and Easy Vintage/Thrift Inspired Halloween Costumes

Do you like cute, unique, and affordable DIY costumes? Then you'll love these vintage/thrift inspired costumes! They're great for those times when you don't feel like dressing like sexy bacon, but don't have the time or money to go all out over the top crazy:

1. Rosie the Riveter

This is a perfect last minute costume that anyone can throw together! All you need is a blue button up, red bandanna (both can be easily thrifted), and red lipstick. If you want to go all out super glam then you can add winged eyeliner and false lashes. Watch this adorable tutorial for more details:

2. Wednesday Addams

Photo source: 1, 2
This costume is the epitome of quick and easy without sacrificing the eerie spirit of the holiday. Just grab a thrifted white button up and layer a thrifted black dress over it. Voila, a couple of pig tails later and you have now become your favorite goth girl! Well, second favorite. No one trumps Lydia Deetz.

3. Silent Film Star

photo source: 1&23
You'll definitely turn heads in this costume! This is another easy one, well semi-easy, and only involves black lipstick, a vintage black (or white) dress, and tons of grey paint. And don't forget your scene card! Take a look at this make up tutorial to get that 1920's silent film star look:

4. Clueless Character

Photo source: 1, 2
Grab some plaid, knee high socks, and 90's accessories for an easy ode to Clueless! 

Which costume is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

LIONESS of the Week: RoJanae

This week's LIONESS is RoJanae, a 21 year communications major (and online entrepreneur) with dreams of landing on ESPN. Oh and did I mention her fierce style? Check out her looks below!

Where are you from?
I'm from Fresno, California.

Tell us about yourself? 
I'm a 21 years old college student currently living in Houston, Tx. I'm a Communications Major with a Focus in Broadcast Journalism. I want to become a Sports Broadcaster and my dream is to land on ESPN's First Take. I'm also the owner of the online boutique "Lost Pieces Voutique".

Currently Loving: Vintage Song Covers

If you're like me you probably listen to your favorite songs and wonder "How can this get any better? This is perfect, it can't!". Well, sorry to burst your bubble but.....I have found a way to instantly up the catchiness levels to your favorite hits: Make it vintage. Check out these awesome vintage inspired covers and leave a comment telling me what you think!

LIONESS of the week: Shola

This week's LIONESS is Shola, an aspiring stylist from Minneapolis and a fierce fashionista! See more of Shola's looks and check her out below!

Where are you from?
I was born in  Nigeria, and later moved to the USA with my mother and siblings when we were young.
Tell us about yourself? 
I love everything fashion, growing up with a mother that was an aspiring fashion designer and being such a shy kid, I used fashion as a way to communicate with people. I live in Minneapolis and currently pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising and business management. I am an aspiring stylist and buyer. Right now I am just trying figure out life and building my portfolio and trying to get as much experience as I can in the fashion business.