Vintage Style Inspiration: Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson was at his ultimate best (style wise and looks wise...he was adorable!) during his Off the Wall/Thriller era: '80- '84



The curly hair,
and oxfords.....

Everything about his style was perfect
and also perfectly over-the-top!
He's definitely inspired me:

What do you guys think? Was this Michael Jackson's best....or was he a little too off the wall?


Tiffany said...

OMG super cute! I swear I love EVERYTHING YOU WEAR! Keep it up!

Cindy Saul said...
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Cindy Saul said...

OMW!!! you could have easily been Michael's daughter!! and You look stunning in that outfit!!!

I loved the 'old' Michael, that was his best!!!

Cassie said...

I think Michael was at his best when he was happiest, and I'm not sure when that ever happened. But musically, I think he reached his peak during the HIStory era.

Jacque said...

Thanks guys!
And Cassie- I feel like he was never happy unfortunately :/ well, maybe when his kids were born but his life story is a sad one

Donna said...

I love that look on you! You look amazing! Love your blog by the way! Couldn't resist following you.

I look forward to your future posts!

All the best,

Abbys-World-Closet said...

Love it!!

lexi said...

i think Michael had great style. 80's styles are pretty great in general

Jacque said...

Thanks guys!
And lexi- yeah the 80s was an interesting time..the style was great but the hair and makeup was a little too cray cray lol

Vardia said...

I LOVEE this outfit, especially the pants. i just love everything!

Gabrielle Marie said...

you emulated this look perfectly. love it!